Reserve your Fall Pork

We are now taking deposits for our pasture raised hogs.

How it works:
We’ll raise and take care of “your” hog and this fall (Date to be announced) take it to market (USDA approved Blood Farm in Groton). You can purchase a half or whole hog. You’ll have the choice of how your meat is cut, what cuts are smoked and packaged. We can help and answer any questions you might have with choosing how its cut. Once ready, you can pick the meat up from our farm.

Why buy from us?
Our hogs are raised on grain, acorns and produce. We do not feed any garbage which provides GREAT tasting meat. We do not feed our hogs any meat either. Plus its nice knowing EXACTLY where your food came from. Our pigs live on a couple acres of woodland scouring for acorns, grass, and rooting through the dirt like pigs should.

Whole hogs: $800 - deposit $100
Half hogs: $475 - deposit $50
Smaller pigs for pig roasts: $400
Plus slaughterhouse charges. This varies, depending on the weight of the pig and how much meat you want smoked.

Pay your deposit, and as your pig grows you can make monthly payments. By late fall you’ll have great tasting pork filling your freezer.

Whether you’re looking for a pig to roast or a larger hog to stock your freezer, we’ll take care of your needs.

If you’re purchasing a pig to roast, we can help you out with a roaster that makes the whole process super easy. Very affordable to rent.

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