Horse & Animal Lovers Birthday Parties

We offer the perfect birthday party for your horse and animal lover! Use our Stone Barn for the party, and then get treated to pony time and rides. Choose your pony theme! Either Unicorn, Princess or Cowboy!

What we provide:

  • 30' x 50' space (heated) in an old historic ski lodge turned barn for the party (with 2 bathrooms)
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Visit with the farm animals
  • Pony time and rides - choose how you want your pony to be "decorated" - Unicorn, Princess or Cowboy theme - Grooming, Decorating and Riding. All children get to ride! Provided by Heron's Crest Stables at SummitWynds.

Party for up to 15 children (including birthday child): $325 includes one pony/horse (depending on children ages)
Additional Children - $10 each


  • Additional Pony/Horse - $50 per additional pony/horse
  • Horse Shoe Decorating - $5 per child - Kids get to take home their decorated Horse Shoe
  • Lavender Playdough Favors for guests: $5 each

First Half Hour - Children will be taken around the farm to meet the farm animals (Goats, Chickens, Horses and possibly pigs and sheep) Depending on the weather, this will be outside or in the horse barn
Parents can set up/decorate the stone barn during the first half hour. Please note: No candles or no confetti. No items may be hung on the walls (the walls are stone). If hanging items from the 10' ceiling, bring a ladder.
OR choose our Party Pack with your choice of theme and leave the details and clean up to us!

Next Hour - Party in the Stone Barn - Pizza/and or Cake - Sing Happy Birthday
Next Hour - Arrive at Riding Arena for Pony Time and Rides. All children will ride. Provided by Heron's Crest Stables at SummitWynds.

Total: 2 1/2 hours

Looking for a Unicorn, Princess, Cowboy, Farm, Rainbow or Purple themed Birthday Cake, Cupcakes or Cookies?
We recommend BAKED - (508) 886-9000

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