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Lesson #2 from The Farm

We thought we would create a few educational posts for all the parents who are working so hard looking for lessons for their children.  Here is the second of our Lessons from The Farm.

Here on The Farm, we have 3 hives that make great use of the pollen from our 4,000 Lavender Plants. Our pear trees have produced fruit profusely since adding hives to The Farm. We're adding Sunflowers (755,000 seeds to be exact!) which Im sure the bees will love!

Honey bees are super-important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables. This means that they help other plants grow! Bees transfer pollen between the male and female parts, allowing plants to grow seeds and fruit. READ MORE ABOUT HONEY BEES

We're offering a free coloring sheet for kids to create their own masterpiece.

Be sure to post your child's drawing on our Facebook page.  We'll randomly select one and they will receive a 4 pack of general admission tickets to one of our Farm Festivals in 2020.

Come take a Farm Tour and hear more about our bees at our Festivals.

Lavender Farm Fest is June 27 & 28, 2020
Sunflower Farm Fest is August 29 & 30, 2020

Some interesting facts about bees:

  • Approximately one third of the food we eat is the result of honey bee pollination
  • A single bee will produce only about 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.
  • During a single collection trip, a honey bee will visit anywhere from 50 to 100 flowers.
  • Newborn bees ask for food by sticking out their tongues at passing worker bees.
  • Bees communicate in 2 ways: the waggle dance, and through the use of pheromones.
  • During the winter, some worker bees take on the job of “heater bees,” where they vibrate their bodies in order to keep the hive at the optimal temperature of 95ºF.

For more interesting facts visit BeePods

3 packages of bees to be installed into our hives. Three pounds of bees in each box, which are about 30,000 bees total.

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