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Apple Lavender Martini

1 oz apple cider1 oz Vodka.5 oz lemon juice.5 oz lavender simple syrup (recipe for simple syrup is HERE) INSTRUCTIONS In a cocktail shaker add a cup of ice and then your apple cider, vodka, lemon juice and lavender simple syrup. Give it a few good shakes and pour into martini glasses garnished with Lavender…
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Lavender Simple Syrup

1 cup water1 cup sugar1 tablepoon culinary lavender Combine water, sugar, and lavender blossoms in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring until sugar dissolves. Simmer for 1 minute. Remove from heat and let syrup steep, about 30 minutes. Pour syrup into a sterilized glass jar through a mesh strainer to remove blossoms; let cool.…
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