Goat Yoga on The Farm

Goat Yoga is the latest trend sweeping the nation and for good reason!

UPDATE:  We do not have any baby goats for 2018, so we are not offering goat yoga at this time.  However we are having Yoga in the Lavender Field.  Contact us for more information 

Goat Yoga combines the exercise of yoga with the entertainment of goats.  You can't help but smile when you see one of our Dwarf Nigerian Goats bouncing around (or on) you.  They are playful, and hysterically funny.  They love people and love attention.

We provide the mats and the gorgeous views and of course, the goats.

We currently have 8 Dwarf Nigerian goats named Mister, Misses, Whit, Chet, Bob and 3 Kickstarter sponsored baby goats that are sure to make you smile.

Enjoy and an hour of goat yoga, then spend 1/2 hour with goat snuggle time. Classes are held in the field with a stunning view of Mount Wachusett.  In inclement weather, classes are held in our historic stone ski lodge/barn.


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