Farm Rental for Photo Sessions

Farm Rental for Photo Shoots

We invite you to consider renting our farm for your photo session.

  • Engagement
  • Weddings
  • Seniors
  • Families
  • Maternity
  • Children

 Reservations must be made ahead of time.  If you book and the weather does not cooperate, we'll gladly reschedule at no extra cost. We offer 2 hour rental times during our Peak* Season for $300.  Other times of the year, the rental cost for 2 hours is $100.

We are a PRIVATE FARM and CLOSED to the PUBLIC.  The fee is necessary to cover the cost of maintaining our farm. During peak lavender season, we do not harvest  one field (and therefore lose the income we would receive if we harvested it) so photographers can hold photo shoots.  

For an additional $50, we can put the '59 Chevrolet pick up, a purple Jeep, a tractor or our Antique Carriage in the field for your photoshoot.  We do allow access to other areas of the farm, however, arrangements must be made prior to your session.

Peak Seasons are:

  • Lavender: mid June - early/mid July and possibly again in the fall (Sept/early Oct)
  • Sunflowers: since this is our first year we are expecting late August to mid Sept
  • Fall Foliage: late September to mid October

Please be sure you have read our FULL PHOTOGRAPHERS AGREEMENT .  When booking, you will be required to agree to abide by this agreement.

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