Woodland Raised – Grain Fed Hogs

Our hogs are raised on grain, and natural foraging (acorns, leaves, roots).  Every time we bring our hogs to market, we get great reviews from the experts at the slaughter houses and from our customers.  Our hogs are never fed garbage, they do get leftover table scraps, but never meat. They are never given steroids or antibiotics. In the fall they are fed pears from our own pear trees which helps give the meat a sweet flavor.

Now taking orders for 2023 hogs.  Whole for pig roasts, or halves or full hogs.  The advantage of purchasing this way is that you get to customize how the meat is cut (ie: thickness of chops, bacon, what you get smoked etc) $100 deposit for whole hogs | $50 Deposit for half hogs.  Final price is based on the size of the hog when it goes to the slaughter house.

How it works

You’re buying the hog from us and paying the butcher for processing. The cost of the hog is priced per pound from the hanging weight (i.e., hog’s live weight minus innards, head, and feet). Hanging weight generally runs 180-220 pounds.  Our price is 4.10 per pound. A whole hog generally costs about $700-$900. Your deposit will be applied to the final amount due. The butcher averages around $350-$400 for a whole hog. Cut these numbers roughly in half if you’re interested in a half hog.

Step 1 - Place a deposit to reserve a hog. $50 for 1/2 hog - $100 for whole hog

Step 2 - Tell the butcher what cuts you want.  We can help you,

Step 3 - Pay final amounts for hog and processing.


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