2024 Farm Events

Welcome to The Farm at SummitWynds, where the tranquility of rural life meets the charm of agricultural experiences in 2024. This year, we're delighted to present a series of unique farm events designed to immerse you in the simple pleasures of country living.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life as you join us for a curated selection of events that highlight the beauty of our farm and the natural cycles of the seasons. From specialized workshops using our farm-grown lavender to serene farm-to-table dining experiences, our events offer a peaceful retreat for those seeking a connection to the land without the bustling crowds.

At The Farm at SummitWynds, we invite you to slow down, appreciate the beauty of nature, and gain insights into the world of agriculture in a more intimate setting. Whether you're an aspiring gardener or just looking for a tranquil escape, our 2024 farm events provide the perfect opportunity to unwind, learn, and savor the simplicity of farm life. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of rural living!

May 11th | May 12th - Mothers Day Lavender Tea

Celebrate Mother's Day amid the soothing embrace of lavender fields (not yet in bloom) at our farm. Join us for a special Lavender Tea experience, where aromatic blooms meet freshly brewed delights. Treat your mom to a serene afternoon, sipping lavender-infused teas, indulging in homemade goodies, and creating cherished memories in the heart of nature.

June 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 - 5th Annual Lavender Farm Fest

Join us for the enchanting 5th Annual Lavender Farm Fest on our picturesque farm! Immerse yourself in a sea of vibrant lavender blooms, indulge in delightful lavender-infused treats, and partake in fun-filled activities for the whole family. Celebrate nature's beauty and the soothing aroma of lavender at this unforgettable festival!

June 26th - Lavender Retreat

Escape to our tranquil lavender farm retreat where the air is infused with the soothing scent of blooming lavender. Immerse yourself in the symphony of a peaceful sound bath. Feast your eyes on the vibrant purple fields, savor the delicate taste of lavender-infused treats, and let the velvety touch of a massage transport you to tranquility.

Farm to Table Tea Times

July 7th - Midsummer Nights Lavender Farm to Table Dinner

Immerse yourself in the magic of our Midsummer Lavender Farm-to-Table Dinner, where the fragrant fields come alive under the warm embrace of the sun. Experience a culinary journey meticulously crafted from the freshest harvest of our lavender farm and local farms, as you savor the tranquil ambiance, forging cherished memories amid nature's vibrant embrace.

July 9th - Lavender Workshop Day

Join us for a delightful day at our upcoming lavender workshop! Immerse yourself in the soothing aroma of lavender as we guide you through crafting beautiful and fragrant creations. Indulge in a unique lavender-infused lunch that will tantalize your taste buds. Unleash your creativity and savor the essence of lavender bliss!


July 28 | July 29 - Unicorn Experience

Embark on an upcoming adventure at our farm, where the enchanting world of unicorns comes to life. Majestic and serene, our Unicorn Experience promises a magical journey, creating cherished memories on our charming farm.

August 18 | August 19 - Butterfly Experience

As August approaches, anticipation blooms on our farm, promising an enchanting dance of butterflies amid the sunflower fields. With the golden hues of sunflowers and the fluttering grace of butterflies, our farm will transform into a captivating haven, a magical experience awaiting its moment in the late summer sun.

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