Lavender Events 2023

We've got some great plans for 2023 including several NEW events. We hope we can help you decide which event to choose - unless you decide to choose them all!! 😉

June 20th - Lavender Retreat
This event is VERY limited. Only 1 day, and only 40 attendees. Adults only - BYOB
You'll start the day off with a light breakfast by Chef Krista of Sweet Peas Catering,

Followed by a chair massage in the Lavender fields and a guided spiritual labyrinth walk. Then choose from of a variety of activities, such as; pick your own lavender bundle, take a walk on the Nature Trail, sit amongst the lavender and take in the amazing views. At noon, we'll enjoy a Lavender lunch in between rows of Lavender. 

After lunch, take in the soothing notes of a sound bath in the Lavender fields. Sweets will be available:

June 23, 24, 25 and June 30, 1, 2 - Lavender Farm Fest

This is our BIG event. Live music every day - Beer and Wine by Seven Saws Brewing

Fun and games, Wagon Rides, Local Artisans & Crafters, Food by Flippin' the Bird Food Trailer, Lavender Lemonade, Lavender Soft Serve Ice Cream. Fun for the entire family.

July 7 - Lavender Workshops Day

This event is limited to 90 people. Only 1 day, Adults Only, BYOB

Enjoy the amazing flavor of lavender. You'll be treated to breakfast and lunch by Chef Krista of Sweet Peas. LavenderLemonade and Lavender tea included.

As the Lavender season winds down, you'll enjoy the scent of some of our strongest smelling lavender varieties. Enjoythe scent as you create lavender items.

With a limited number of people, you'll appreciate spending time exploring the farm and the lavender fields.  Enjoy yourmeals amidst the rows of lavender.

Choose from several workshops to create amazing lavender items. Our instructors are top notch and will guide you fromstart to finish for you to bring your items home.

July 9 - Midsummer Night in the Lavender, a farm to table dinner

Treat your senses to an evening of delicious food, soothing music and wonderful company amidst the Lavender during peak bloom. Enjoy a warmgathering around delicious farm to table food with spectacular views as our backdrop. The perfect summer night out, escape to the country andcelebrate the lavender harvest season. Come join us!

Here's what you can expect:

  • We'll open the gates at 4:30pm and allow everyone to arrive and enjoy a beverage while mingling with other guests.  Bring your own bottle, orenjoy a Lavender Lemonade or Lavender Ice Tea
  • At 5 pm, we'll give you a brief educational tour of the farm, showing you our various lavender varieties. We'll start the menu off with passedhors d'oeuvres. 
  • Gabriel Baum, cellist will be playing for your enjoyment.
  • We'll sit for dinner at 6pm and enjoy an amazing, farm inspired menu from Chef Krista as we watch the sun start to set.
  • Pop into the vintage camper for some Photo Booth fun
  • Hop on the wagon after dinner and see more of the farm, or just sit back and enjoy the views.
  • Dinner ends at 8, guests are invited to linger by the fire until the gates close at 9:30pm

June 15 - July 6 - Photographers Mini Sessions

We rent out our farm to many different photographers who hold photography sessions for family photos, children photos, engagement sessions, maternity session, senior photos and more.

So, there you have it, several fun events to choose from. Got questions?? Feel free to contact us for more information.

4 Responses

  1. When are the Lavender Fest tickets available to purchase?
    • Amy Parker
      Great question. Tickets are available for ALL of our 2023 Lavender Events. Just click on the appropriate link to purchase tickets.
  2. The date for the lavender retreat is listed as June 17 but on the event page, in the drop-down the only date to choose is June 20. Which is correct?
    • Amy Parker
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The correct date is June 20th.