Featured Vendor – DanielMark Photography

DanielMark Photography is anything but your average photographer. Each event is treated with care and creativity not found with other photography studios.

Stunning, Captivating, Timeless.

Daniel Barnard of DanielMark Photography takes pride in offering their clients the type of  photography they are looking for. It is one thing to take pictures, it is another to create art.

“If you always color inside the lines, your crayon is too small.”  Dan Barnard lives by this creative credo, in life and in his photography. In fact, he believes this simple philosophy enhances the quality of his work.

“During any shoot, we’re always sure to get the standard photos that everyone loves,” he says. “But we also try to find some different angles and tell some different stories that other photographers might miss.” His first goal is to get to know his subjects so they’re comfortable in front of his camera. “I’m not just taking pictures of people,” he says. “I want to capture personality. I want to get to the essence of the individual. It’s what I love most about what I do.”

You need only look to samples below to understand that DanielMark Photography goes beyond the formal, posed portrait. And that this photographer prefers to color with a very large crayon, indeed.

Daniel holds a degree from the New York Institute of Photography, attended Fullerton College in California, and earned an M.Ed. in Management from Cambridge College. He has been photographing special moments in his clients’ lives for twenty-six years.

For more information, visit www.DanielMarkPhotography.com

All photos below were taken on location at The Farm At SummitWynds

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