Colorful Zinnias on The Farm

Coming in 2021 - Adding even more color to the farm - Zinnias in addition to Lavender & Sunflowers

Thank you to everyone who attended our Sunflower Farm Experience. We appreciate you supporting our Farm!

Now that our 2020 season is over, its time to think about 2021. Of course, in June we'll have our Lavender, and we'll wait to see if we can hold our festival again. We were quite happy with the way our sunflowers turned out so we will be planting sunflowers again, however we won't plant a maze. It was too much work, and even worse when the herbicide didn't work and it had to be weeded. The Dwarf Sunflowers were a favorite amongst photographers (especially those photographing small kids). Our plan is to plant what was the maze area, in rows; with the dwarfs in the front and the Sky scrapers in the back. Everyone loved the variety of colors, so we will be planting different colors in there as well. Where the Dwarf Sunflowers were is where we will be planting zinnias. The Sunflower Stroll was a hit, so we will plant that again next year. We will be expanding this to include a Zinna Stroll, so we'll have two paths through that area.

The hard part is trying to decide which varieties to plant. Eden Brothers has some really cool packages for bulk Zinnias. We plan on planting a different theme color every year, since Zinnias are annuals. This will also give photographers a different look each year for photo shoots with their clients.

So help us decide..... which one do you like?

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